SSB Chennai Academy (SCA)  is the only SSB coaching Centre that teaches you the concept behind the test and expectation of the Service Selection Board (SSB) from the candidate. We ensure optimising your chances of success and making SSB a pleasant experience.

Our team of Psychologist, GTO’s and Interviewing officer provide optimum One to One Coaching and Guidance. Also we focus on identifying the strength of a candidate and grey area so as to provide suitable corrections and solutions to meet the requirement of the Service Selection Board (SSB).

The SSB Coaching that we offer is unmatched. This is possible due to experienced professionals, constantly updating teaching techniques, latest trends in Service Selection Board (SSB) and other state of the art training facilities.

We provide ample practice for Psychological Tests,  Lecturettes & Group Discussions on current topics popular with various SSB’s and ensure students practice them to perfection.

The following is our One to One Coaching and Guidance SSB Course module:-


Screening  Module

Filling up of PIQ form

The procedure for filling the PIQ form

Do’s and don’ts with example

Evaluation of PIQ form 


IQ test instructions

Verbal and non-verbal IQ test :

The complete guide for verbal and non-verbal reasoning (36 pages)

Verbal reasoning practice test

Non-verbal reasoning practice test 

PPDT & Picture story telling

The procedure and Guidance.

PPDT practice.

Evaluation of your story.

Do’s and don’ts.

Group discussion on the story

The procedure.

Individual picture story description.

Do’s and don’ts during Group discussion.

Psychology Module

Word Association test (WAT ) practice papers

The procedure.

Concept behind the Test.

Step-By-Step Guide for WAT

14 sets (840 words) of WAT practice papers

Correction and Guidance

Situation reaction test (SRT) practice papers

The procedure.

Concept behind the Test.

Step-By-Step Guide for SRT

12 sets of SRT practice papers

Correction and Guidance

 Thematic appreciation Test (TAT) practice papers

The procedure.

Concept behind the Test.

Step-By-Step Guide for TAT

8 sets of TAT practice papers

Correction and Guidance

Self description (SD)

The complete guide for self-description with examples                                  

GTO Module

Group Discussion

The complete guide for GD

Model Group discussion

Sample topics with solution


The complete guide for lecturette

Sample lecture topics with solution

Group planning exercise

The complete guide for Group planning exercise.

Samples of group planning exercise with solution.

Progressive group task (PGT)

The complete guide for PGT.

Exercise and solution.

Group obstacle race

The complete guide for group obstacle race.

Half group task

The complete guide for half group task.

Exercise and solution. 

Individual obstacle

The complete guide of individual obstacle.

Command task

The complete guide for command task.

Exercise and solution.

Final Group task (FGT)

The complete guide for FGT.

Exercise and solution.

Interview Module

The procedure.

Concept behind the Test.

Step-By-Step Guide for IO

Interviewing officers interview the students

Brief them on their strength and weaknesses.

The guide for conference

How to answer the questions of the board.

Personality Development

Personality development for SSB.

Body language.

Confidence building.


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Fees Structure

What is the Fee structure for SSB coaching at SSB Chennai Academy?

Our intention is to keep the Fees very nominal so that everyone can afford it:-

Admission Fee  1000.00

Tuition Fee       19,000.00

Total Fee           20,000.00

Note : Fee can only be paid through our payment gateway to ensure safe payment. To avail special Discount contact us on 9962826333

 Special Discounts

  1. 10% Discount for NCC cadets with ‘C’ Certificate and Wards of serving/retired Police/Para Military Personnel.
  2. 20% Discount for Serving Defence Personnel.
  3. 20%  for WARDS of Serving Defence Personnel.
  4. 20% for WARDS of Retired Defence Personnel.
  5. No charges For Wards of Martyrs & war widows

Note:– Please carry appropriate proof to avail above discount and produce at the time of admission, failing which no discount will be granted.